There is ongoing discussion in the medical community if the adult’s auditory processing ability can point to those who will be developing Alzheimers and dementia. Acccording to several studies, certain auditory processing tests accurately identified those who would be developing Alzheimers. However, the medical community is certainly divided on this. It wasn’t a perfect identification and was not based on objective measures (those not needing a response from the subject). We know that hearing loss may be a factor in dementia, especially if it goes untreated and the person does not wear amplificiation. However, there is no proof positive that this is true. It is just that cerain signs point to it. In my own opinion, I think that hearing loss and the inability to hear properly will cause multiple problems, not just not being able to hear what is being said. There are many studies showing that untreated hearing loss leads to depression and social isolation. Doesn’t it make sense that if certain parts of the brain are no longer being utilized, they decay and it affects the person’s all over well-being both neurologically and physically? Time will tell if we can predict who may be at risk.