Facebook. Why is it so popular?  My husband dislikes social media. He uses it but begrudgingly. I use it to relax, believe it or not.

Now research from UCLA neuroscientists explains why Facebook is such a popular diversion for people like me who want to take a break.  Seems that the brain turns on and off during dreams and rest so it can process recent social experiences and update our “assumptions and understanding of the social world. “ According to Matthew Lieberman, professor of psychology, psychiatry and behavioral sciences, “When I want to take a break from work, the brain network that comes on is the same network we use when we’re looking through our Facebook timeline and seeing what our friends are up to.”

If you are interested, this part of the brain is the dorsomedial prefrontal cortex.

Read more at: newsroom.ucla.edu/releases/even-when-were-resting-our-brains-are-preparing-us-to-be-social-ucla-psychologists-report.