Oh dear. Do you ever wonder why specific research gets funded? I do all the time. Here’s one for you.

“Your season of birth may influence your temperament.”

According to a paper presented at the17th European College of Neuropsycholpharmacology Congress, the season in which you were born can play a role in determining your temperament. They analyzed the results of questionnaires and tests for 366 young adults and compared them with their birth dates. The findings indicate Winter babies were more likely to suffer depression than those born in other seasons but less prone to irritability. Spring and Fall babies were more likely to demonstrate a highly positive temperament. Fall births correlated with lower rates of depression. Summer babies (that’s me) had a greater tendency for frequent mood swings. “Although it has been generally acknowledged that genetic and environmental factors play a role in temperament, the new research adds birth season as another potentially influential factor.”

So why didn’t they also give older adults the same test? Or is this true only for the young and you grow out of it?

Great, just great. We have no control over when we are born. I think for the most part, our parents may not either. Doesn’t this smack of astrology signs? If you are born under the sign of Leo, you are strong, courageous and need to be the center of attention. Hey, that is me! Maybe there is something to this after all.