So did anyone read the recent interview with Rumer Willis who is Bruce Willis’ daughter? She was talking about her famous dad and how reporters hated to interview him because he won’t answer a lot of their questions and seemed aloof. She revealed that the reason he is like that is because HE HAS A HEARING LOSS IN BOTH EARS and doesn’t hear their questions all the time. She said that he got the loss in the first Die Hard movie. There were a lot of guns being shot and he wasn’t wearing ear protection. She also said that when she and her sisters are sitting around the dinner table with him, he can’t always hear what they are saying and his responses are really funny. She also said that he hasn’t done anything about his hearing loss because he is a macho-type action hero.

Hello….Bruce….are you out there? Be more macho by doing something about your hearing loss and saying to your fans that it is important to hear. And the old adage “if you don’t use it you lose it “is really true in the case of hearing. If he wants to hear what his new daughter says to him while she is growing up, he’d better do something because little kids don’t repeat themselves and they speak really fast and high pitched. He is going to miss a lot which is really too bad.

So all of you do something if you are having hearing problems. A hearing loss is much more visible than a hearing aid. And don’t fool yourself; everyone already knows you can’t hear well and are afraid to tell you they are tired of repeating themselves. And it isn’t funny when you don’t understand what they said. They are embarrassed for you. I know!!