Wow. Imagine my personal relief when I saw this article “older adults can improve memory and attention through use of computerized brain exercises and the improvements appear to last for months upon cessation of training.”

Using a Brain Fitness Program by Posit Science (which I bought and used), subjects doubled their processing speed and improved memory and attetnion scores by some 10 years! The control group attended lectures and answered quizzes. The difference between the groups was statistically significant.

The take home from this study (inMedial News Today and performed at the University of Southern California…..go Trojans!) is that  “properly designed cognitive activities can enhance our abilities as we age.”

My own experience was an increase of almost 50% in processing ability. I can go to the store now and remember up to 5 items without having to write them down. I can walk out of my hotel room and remember if I turn left or right to get to the elevator. I can remember where I parked my car. It’s a big improvement.

So look for Brain games for the computer and start doing them!