Normally, I blog about scientific articles; fact, not fiction. Today is strictly a hearsay piece. Hearsay from the recovery room nurses at the surgery center where I had my screening colonoscopy on Monday.

They gave me Propothol just like Michael Jackson except monitored and far less of it. The anesthesiologist explained that Propothol is a great anesthesia because you only need a little and it doesn’t have to go through the kidney and liver to be metastasized. When they turn it off, it is out of your body. Bing bang boom. Also, the insurance companies will not pay the anesthesiologists if they use any other medication because they (the insurance) companies) feel that the other medications do not need an anesthesiologist to monitor and give to the patient. (And this is BEFORE Obamacare kicks in)

I did not rouse fast like most people. In fact, it was my son’s voice telling me to wake up that did it for me. I heard him and like most mothers was ready to jump out of bed and rush into his room. Oh, it didn’t work its way through my body for almost 36 hours. I was really groggy and felt really run over by a truck. The nurse asked me if I felt like I had drunk one too many Margaritas. I said exactly.

So here’s the hearsay. The nurse asked me if I was a drinker. Zack said “no, she’s not.” The nurse asked if I drank a little bit. I said rarely. She said that was the problem. People who are not drinkers do not tolerate anesthesia as well as drinkers. Drinkers come out of the procedures (little bitty ones like a colonoscopy) raring, hungry and ready to conquer the world. Non-drinkers have a hang-over.

Today, I am fine. Some carbohydrate food and a lot of sleep and I am back to my old/new self. By the way, and thanks for asking, the doc found one polyp. He wasn’t concerned and after the biopsy will know if I need to repeat this again in 3, 5,or 10 years.

PEOPLE DO NOT BE AFRAID OF COLONOSCOPIES! The prep isn’t as bad as it was 10 years ago. The procedure is painless and you sleep through it. According to the Cancer Society, colon cancer is the only totally preventable cancer in existence. All it needs is for you to get off your butts and get the procedure. It is a shame when you hear of a life lost to this horrible disease when it is so easily controlled. So do it!!