Drat….double drat. More studies telling how exercise really helps your brain.

I HATE EXERCISING!! I even tried to get my PCP  write a prescription that I could give my trainer telling him I was forbidden to sweat. She laughed at me. So I quit training.

In a recent Canadian study, researchers followed a number of older adults for 2-5 years. None were fitness fanatics: their daily activities included walking, cooking, gardening and housecleaning. The results were stunning: Year after year, 90% of those who were consistently active showed no decline in their ability to think and remember. Quoting from an article in this month’s AARP magazine… anything that gets your heart beating faster works. You want to break a light sweat and feel like you’re huffing and puffing but you should still be able to speak (according to Majid Fotuhi, M.D. , chairman of the Neurology Institute for Brain Health and Fitness in Lutherville MD.)

I AM NOT GOING TO START DOING VACCUUMING AND DUSTING AGAIN! I wash the floors when I can’t stand them and my cleaning crew isn’t due for awhile. I don’t sweat when I cook. That’s for the people who have to eat what I cook when I do it. I do laundry. I look at our backyard which is dirt and I talk to my roses in the front to get them to grow better. I walk the dogs who stop to sniff every 10 feet. I probably am not doing enough. Drat again.