Obesity is the disease of the decade. It affects every age group. It impairs our health which means how we feel, our blood pressure levels, and how our body works. Our bodies are designed to work effectively and efficiently, and that process is interrupted if you are grossly overweight. Now there is one more body issue that seems to deteriorate because of the excess weight. Your hearing!

In a study from Columbia University Medical Center, analyzing data from nearly 1500 adolescents, aged 12-19, obese adolescents had a greater hearing loss across all frequencies than their normal-weight peers and were nearly twice as likely to have a one-sided, low frequency hearing loss.

The docs theorize that obesity-caused inflammation may be the culprit although they are not sure why.

The list of negative health consequences of obesity continues to grow. So now there is another reason to watch your weight and start taking off some of those pounds.