A couple of weeks ago I reported on Bruce Willis’ hearing loss which he has not treated. Well, now I have another Hollywood biggie to report. Robert Redford! According to a ShowBizSpy.com column, he suffered a hearing loss during the filming of his most recent film, All is Lost. Because of all the water he was being hit with from high-pressure hoses, he developed a serious ear infection. When he recovered; his doctors told him he’d lost 60% of his hearing in his left ear. He is trying hearing aids but is really unhappy about the entire situation.

This Hollywood report has me questioning the entire episode. Ear infections are usually treatable. Why did his hearing not return to normal? Does he have a nerve loss or a conductive, middle ear loss?  Or did he have a hearing loss initially that was made worse from the middle ear infection?

I’ll never know. I just hope he goes public wearing hearing aids and lets his adoring fans know there is nothing wrong with having to do that.