I’m back to full strength now and have a lot of interesting information for you.

First, and I think most important, is to warn you about a toy called Dan-Dee Chicken Dance. It is really cute. It has been sold at Fred Meyer stores in several states and was a very popular item at Easter. The nine-inch tall plush dancing chicken with large orange feet and the ears of a rabbit (no kidding) can cause you to lose your hearing according to an article in the Minnesota Star Tribune. According to them, when the left wing of the Chinese-made toy is squeezed, the chicken dances and plays music that exceeds federal decibel safety limits according to the alert by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.  This chicken-rabbit has a series of cousins available, but it has not yet been determined whether they all exceed safety levels.

I wish I could come up with a pun regarding this but punning has never been my forte. I should have consulted some of my “pun-master” friends before publishing this.

So be warned. It is not only those chocolate Easter bunnies that are bad for you.