I love being a woman. If asked for my preference to either be a male or female, I would pick female every time. To be a female is not without its trials and challenges. But there is a lot of research looking at women and realizing we are not like men in many different ways.

The most recent study looks at the effects of low levels of vitamin B-12 and folic acid. We know low levels of folic acid produce birth defects. Now it is hypothesized that is also may be associated with age-related hearing loss in women.

Folic Acid and vitamin B-12 help maintain blood flow in the body. The cochlea which is the portion of the inner ear that translates electrical impulses to the brain is supported by a single artery that is vulnerable to blood flow problems. If the blood flow slows or is impaired, you will have a resulting injury to the cochlea and hearing loss.

Investigators found women with impaired hearing showing a 38% lower level of vitamin B-12 in their blood and a 31% lower folic acid level than women with normal hearing.

It is unclear whether taking vitamin B-12 and folic acid supplements would reduce the effects of hearing loss, but I would think that it will just stabilize where you are right now.

So go to your drugstore, vitamin aisle in your grocery store, or Natural food store and get your supply of Vitamin B-12 and folic acid. Or easier yet take a multi-vitamin for women over 50.